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1. Email all work orders or services request to PLEASE INCLUDE paying customer first and last name, phone number, property address, services needed, lock box code if applicable.

2. A confirmation response will be sent within 24 hours. Confirmation email will include date and time of free estimate. Estimates will be scheduled within 72 of confirmation.

3. Upon arrival and inspection, if no discrepancies arise, before photos and an itemized quote detailing all work that is to be done during the project, will be sent via email. Quotes will also include an estimated time how long it will take to complete the project. Customers are able to confirm or decline the quote through our link in the email. Jobs with a total of $1000 or more require a 50% deposit paid by card to confirm quote. Price may be adjusted up or down according to the actual amount of labor and/or materials required to complete the project. No additional work will be completed without consulting the client of price changes prior to proceeding. ESTIMATE VALID FOR 30 DAYS!!

4. After confirming the price, we will ask customers for 3 dates so that we can complete the project. We will choose one day out of those 3 days to start the project. Customers will be placed on schedule and an email will be sent, confirming date, time, place, services requested, and remaining balance.

5. Team lead will call/ text customers upon arrival to property and begin work. If no additional work needs to be done to complete the project, team lead will take after photos of serviced areas. Send after photos and invoice to customer via email. Remaining balance must be paid via credit debit card within 24 hours.

6. Being a contractor, we experience unexpected delays. Whether it being a job running longer than expected or the weather preventing us from completing certain services. We always prioritize our customers and their timeline. If any delays arise we always push our scheduled work to the following day or to the next available day that weather permits.

7. In the Junk removal industry, we come across a ton of unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes these circumstances call for us to do less or more work. Whenever this happens we always contact the customer and let them know the situation. We let them know about any change in price and any change in the timeline of completion.

8. To get our job done we Utilize 10 yard and 20 yard driveway friendly, rubber wheel dumpsters as our method of disposal. For our seasonal landscaping services We have commercial grade snow blowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and other lawn and tree equipment. We also keep our own hand and power tools such as drills, reciprocating saws, rakes, shovels, brooms, sledge hammers, crow bars and more.

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